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Targetti Poulsen

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Artur Górecki


Phone: 507 177 918


Since the beginning on November 2009, INTERNITY S.A. has become an exclusive distributor of specialized lighting manufactured by TARGETTI POULSEN in Poland.


Targetti Poulsen associates the Targetti label from Tuscany and Louis Poulsen from Denmark – two family companies concerned with architectural lighting. Targetti has been established in 1928, and Louis Poulsen in 1874. The company is then third manufacturer of architectural lighting in Europe. Targetti Poulsen lighting has been introduced to the Polish market in 1994.


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Targetti Poulsen – manufactures architectural lighting systems for external and internal installations. Through the use of specialized brands focused in groups, the company strives to be the perfect partner for all those seeking optimal lighting solutions effectively combining climate, functionality and design.


Brands comprising Targetti Poulsen:

Targetti – products manufactured by Targetti produce an unmatched atmosphere through lighting, combining the latest technologies and high quality execution. Their installations are designed taking into account easy fit into nearly every architectural design.

The offer includes: lighting for office-shopping interiors (technical, downlights, reflectors).


Louis Poulsen – Louis Poulsen is one of the most famous lighting companies when it comes to characteristic pattern design. Many of their products have acquired a cult status. Through generations of close cooperation with architects, Louis Poulsen has reached a proper level of understanding of their work methods. Since then, the company has been creating unique and timeless lamps utilizing modern technological solutions.


The offer includes: external/internal lighting (wall lamps, plafons, ceiling lamps, standing lamps, downlights, reflectors, sealed installations, ground installations, plaster installations, reflectors, lighting masts, lanterns).


Esedra – is a label offering lighting combining latest technologies and design with traditional craftsmanship. It is characterized by a great variety of shapes, materials and colors.


The offer includes: lighting for housing and shop interiors (wall lamps, plafons, ceiling lamps, standing lamps, downlights, reflectors)


Exterieur – offers high quality external lighting manufactured basing on the most modern technologies – e.g. LED


The offer includes: external lighting (sealed lamps, ground lamps, plaster lamps, reflectors, lighting masts)


MLE offers lighting solutions for exclusive hotels. Lighting products were designed to combine functionality, comfort and proper pattern design.

The offer includes: wall lamps, standing lamps, desk lamps, plafons, downlights, ceiling lamps.


Neri – offers a wide range of lighting systems and small architecture in a classic and modern style, dedicated to urban space.


The offer includes: lanterns, benches, bowers, bins